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Who is representing the consumer in this NHI debate?

In Kidney Diaries by Noelle Khalila Nicolls0 Comments

As The Bahamas embarks on the implementation of national health insurance I wonder if I am the only one feeling clueless. I’d really like to know who is representing the consumer’s interest in this NHI debate. I feel somewhat ashamed to admit that as a consumer I have no idea what the hell is going on in this NHI debate. …

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Imagine if you stopped being able to pee

In Kidney Diaries by Noelle Khalila Nicolls3 Comments

Please don’t offer me anything to drink: My daily struggle with liquid poison I was at a party on the weekend standing by myself. A guy approached me trying to make conversation. He looked at the cup in my hand and asked, “What are you drinking?” Presumably he wanted to buy me a refill. I said: I’m not drinking anything; …

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Peace of mind has a price: In Trinidad I had to pay

In Kidney Diaries by Noelle Khalila Nicolls2 Comments

I never realized how expensive peace of mind could be before my health insurer kicked me off my policy. Of all the things I took for granted before dialysis, health insurance was definitely one of them. When I tore my ACL in high school I had insurance to assist with the surgery and physiotherapy. When I learned I had an …

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