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I am a creative soul living a life of passion and purpose. Everyone I hold dear is family to me, and my family makes up a cherished support system that is invaluable to my constant flowering. Cats are definitely one of my totem animals, as I am a woman of many lives. Each life cycle is always marked by an epic journey, like a three-month adventure roaming the mountains and villages of Kenya; a passionate love story that included the traumatic death of my fiance; and a journey of survival, healing, and rebirth after kidney failure.

The Domestic Tourist, a travel company, is the start-up venture I am now fully absorbed in. I am building a marketplace of experiences that connect culturally curious travelers with passionate locals on adventures across the Islands of The Bahamas.

As an independent consultant, I have a reputation as a visionary and versatile professional who adds value to project teams and reliably delivers quality work on short and long-term consultancies. For over ten years I have been innovating and problem-solving on behalf of clients. I also have an award-winning career in journalism, specializing now as a travel writer.

Aside from my professional life, I am a globetrotter, a human rights activist and a mentor to young girls, with a strong connection to my ancestry and a deep commitment to community building, national development, and black empowerment.

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