I am a creative visionary living a life of passion and purpose. As a self-employed communications and planning consultant, I have a reputation for being a sharp strategist, a visionary thinker and versatile professional, who reliably delivers quality work and adds value to project teams on short and long-term consultancies. Q-Tech Communications (QTC), the boutique consulting company I founded in 2006, has been my primary channel to innovate and problem-solve on behalf of clients. It represents one of several entrepreneurial passions. 

I also have an award-winning background in journalism and a freelance career as a travel writer. My mind is naturally inquisitive, which helps to bring depth, context and a broad perspective to my work. Although currently inactive, my personal blog, The Domestic Tourist, is filled with island-hopping inspiration from my travels throughout the Islands of The Bahamas. 

Aside from my professional life, I am a globetrotter, a human rights activist, a foster mother and mentor to adolescent girls. I have a sacred respect for my ancestry, a deep commitment to community building and national development, and a strong connection to my Caribbean and Pan African identities.

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