All This Bacon Is Making Me Sick: Peter Nygard And The Spirit Of Division

Noelle Khalila Nicolls Insight 0 Comments

WHEN it comes to the national affairs of the Bahamas, there are many things to be sick and tired about. Of all the things to vex the spirit, who could argue with someone for being sick and tired of hearing about Peter Nygard?

There are so many issues important and interesting that could steal the attention of a nation, and it just blows my mind that a flamboyant and wealthy fashion designer named Peter Nygard would become such a ubiquitous name in Bahamian public life that Bahamians would actually start believing him to be an important figure in the development of the nation.

Mr Nygard would be an insignificant passing thought in my consciousness if it were not for the fact that in the minds of some, he has in fact become a nationally important personality. For those who feel so, I ask them to think again.

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