Are Mothers Doing Right By Their Children?

Noelle Khalila Nicolls Watchwoman 0 Comments

The Bahamas Crisis Centre held a peace conference in October that was another commendable example of the important work being done by the non-profit organisation. For some 30 years, the organisation has been supporting victims of violence in the Bahamas.

Michael Neville, consultant psychiatrist at Sandilands Rehabilitation, delivered one of the presentations that really stuck with me at the conference. He basically laid out an argument against corporal punishment and for perpetrator reintegration, while pointing to some sobering societal dynamics in the process.

In his presentation, he posed an important question which is the subject of my discussion here: Why is it that our young boys are being raised by mothers, schooled by female teachers and surrounded by women and yet they are still growing up to perpetuate a culture of violence against women?

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