Peace of mind has a price: In Trinidad I had to pay

Noelle Khalila Nicolls Surviving Dialysis 2 Comments

I never realized how expensive peace of mind could be before my health insurer kicked me off my policy. Of all the things I took for granted before dialysis, health insurance was definitely one of them. When I tore my ACL in high school I had insurance to assist with the surgery and physiotherapy. When I learned I had an …

Friend filmmaker creating documentary from Kidney Diaries [Trailer]

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My amazingly talented friend Aubrey Smith of Settler’s Cove Productions asked me to do a documentary on my journey so far. I was hesitant at first, but allowed him to do his thing. Didn’t understand his inspiration entirely, but I can see it in the quality of his work. Check out the recently released trailer.

My two first days inside the Dialysis Unit aka The Human Factory

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When I walked to Nurse Sears’ office I passed the entrance to the dialysis treatment room; it was the picture of a human factory: Rows of machines with people lying on beds hooked up by tubes; nurses bustling about plugging in and unplugging patients; everything in motion like an assembly line. As one bed became free it was cleaned and a new …