Entrapment by consumerism

Noelle Khalila Nicolls Love Letters 0 Comments

Consumer culture creates wants. Consumerism stimulates a culture of wanting. I know I should not eat dairy products because they are bad for my health, and I know I can live without dairy. As an excuse for my self-destructive behaviour, I am often inclined to say if there was no ice cream I would not buy it. I buy it because it is there. That is not quite true.

Here is how capitalism comes into play. I like and often want ice cream. This craving is fed by a consumer culture. Based on how the capitalist system works, as long as there is a want, there will be a supply. As long as there is a supply, those who want will consume, even against their better judgment.

So, the concept of ‘if there was no ice cream’ is an illusion, because as long as I want, there will be a supply. How difficult it is to purge oneself of unhealthy wants being entrapped by consumerism.



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